The Uniform Store

How do I buy uniforms ?

We operate an online store available 24 hours per day as well as a physical store with regular shopping hours.

To shop in our physical store: We have staff available to help you with the requirements for your school and to help get the best fit for your students. We have changing rooms to try items on and we're happy to help try different cuts and sizes. You can pay in the store. We don't stock all decorated (logo'd) items but create them on demand. The turnaround time varies with the season but is often while you wait. You are also welcome to come back for a pickup, or we can ship to your home. 

To shop in our web store: You can find your school assortment from our main page  - click "find my school" and then select your school. You will be linked to a page that shows your schools uniform components and any grade level or gender constraints. When you complete the purchase, you can choose to pick the item up in our store, or have it shipped to your home or business. Please note that online orders have the same turnaround as in-store purchases.